Who is Cyrana?

Our Cyrana is a brave girl, who knows how to take risks because she understands that life is one and that nothing can replace her own experience. We try to bring our collections closer to an integral and audacious woman, a woman who dares with new colors and textures and of course leaves an imprint on every one of her purposes.

Our rich fabrics and handcrafted finishes redefine exclusivity. We re-interpret luxury trying to make it more revolutionary and young.

We are many Cyranas in this adventure, young people who changed their lives by changing their thoughts.Do you dare being a Cyrana girl?

Our Values

"Be what you want to be, live as you have longed for, because we only have one life and one opportunity to fulfill our dreams.

Seek the happiness that makes you sweet and overcome the stumbling blocks that will make you strong.

Try to follow your instinct and don't hold back your creativity, live in the hope that will make you happy and don't forget the sadness that reminds you that you are human.

Your life began with a smile and you will be strong to overcome any obstacles.

To my daughter Cyrana"

Our Collection

Mixed Emotions

Our Mixed Emotions collection returns to the 1960s through raw style, a trend that exalts raw materials and natural fabrics. Mixed Emotions seeks to play with textures, colors and finishes. Spongy and colorful hair in short jackets make us travel to groundbreaking Carnaby Street and creams and browns to Chelsea luxury.

Mixed Emotions places us in the "Swinging London", it inspires us to a woman who is present but eternal. Our gaze points to a Marianne Faithfull, immersed in large and daring coats that overflow with freedom and youth. Mixed Emotions is youth, revolution and break with the established.
Catalogo Cyrana Furs